Bonete is a Finnish brand that is sold in the company's own online store. Until 2017, Bonete products focused on trolling equipment, after which product development was expanded to include boat accessories. All Bonete products are designed in Finland, and today more and more products are also assembled and manufactured in Finland.

The business idea came from long-term trolling and boating enthusiasts who were in need of new types of trolling products. Bonete product design always starts with the need for use, and the design process usually takes into account three competitive factors; 1) Innovativeness, 2) Competitive price, and 3) The best possible product quality. The equation is not easy, but it can be implemented with the right team and network.

Bonete products have more than 10 design protections, in addition to which the products have a few valid utility models. Bonete products are always manufactured in a factory with good quality control and sufficient manufacturing capacity. Almost all products in the PRO2 series are made of low-carbon 316L acid-resistant steel. All products are manufactured by TIG welding, which achieves the best possible product quality and visual appearance. The surface of the products is mainly finished by an electrolytic polishing method, which removes all impurities from the surface of the product.

In 2020, we launched the PRO2MOD series of modules, which can be used to build several different free, light and display stands to improve boating safety and comfort. In addition, the new series can be upgraded with add-ons as needed. The solution significantly increases product life and improves product recyclability and carbon emissions.

During 2022, we aim to expand our sales network in Finland and the Nordic countries. If you know a suitable sales channel, please contact us and we will discuss how we can work together to improve the boats of the future.