Go ashore and boat storage is not easy at every beach. If the cottage is by the sea or a regulated lake, the waterline can move quickly up to several meters. This poses challenges for the boat's waters to descend during shallow water, and of course also for shore storage so far away from the waterline that the tidal water can't take the boat out. We have wanted to solve this challenge as simply as possible. The Bonete slide rail is suitable for every beach and almost every small boats (less than 170kg). 

ADD FEATURES: The Bonete slide rail is assembled from 1.5-meter module parts, which makes it possible to transport the product package in the trunk of a car, for example. The sliding rail of any length can be easily assembled from the module parts, and it can be upgraded with new module parts as conditions change.

ADD COMFORT: With less sliding friction, moving the boat requires significantly less force, and the energy used to move the boat is significantly reduced. As a result, landing and lifting on the boat is much smoother and less labor-intensive than before, without this innovation.

ADD SAFETY: Water level fluctuations typically affect how safe it is to keep a boat on shore. With the Bonete slide rail, the boat is always far enough away from the waterline, making safe storage of the boat effortless.

ADD VALUE: Easy lifting and lowering of the boat does not require nuts, which increases the boat's operating time. Proper landing and lifting of the boat will protect the bottom of the boat, which will keep the boat's selling price higher.

ADD AT ANY TIME: The Bonete slide rail is easy to assemble, even in a carport, after which the stacked "boat bar" can be easily moved to just the right place. Thanks to the light and simple construction, the product can be moved anywhere for the winter.



  • Made of PE300, a typical sliding material
  • All stud bolts and washers are included in the delivery
  • The width of the keel groove is adjustable from 50 to 75 mm, which is worth adjusting about 5 mm wider than the keel.
  • The length of the product is about 4.5m, which consists of three 1.5m modules
  • The slide rail is attached to the pressure-saturated min. 48mm * 148mm plank

The sliding rail of the Bonete PRO2MOD small boat is simple and quick to set up. The boat roll protects the bottom of the boat, and saves energy when lifting and lowering the boat. An excellent product for the shores of regulated waters. The product is assembled from 1.5-meter modular parts on a 50 * 150 mm pressure impregnated beam with its flap.


  • Made entirely in Finland
  • Combinable modular parts enable the construction of a slide rail of the required length and a length that can be modified later
  • Fits all rowing boat models and several small boats
  • A very sliding surface protects and saves the bottom of the boat
  • A great tool, especially for the shores of regulated lakes or seas, where the shoreline may shift a lot
  • Significantly reduces rolling friction, making lowering and lifting the boat easier than ever before
  • Long-term benefits
  • Design protected in 2020 for EU countries
  • Easy and fast installation and commissioning
  • The stacked slide is easy to move on the beach, for example before the ice arrives or from the beach to the trailer if necessary
  • Simple mechanics, no moving parts, so good reliability
  • Can be installed with little effort on the beach, boat trailer, or trailer, for example

Basic delivery, 4,5 meter

Package includes three 1,5m modules, chain and drawstring


Extra options

starting at 69€

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